To make the best hot sauce; start with the best peppers.

We at Guero y Maria choose peppers grown by the Becerra family. Our family has used Becerra Gardens’ peppers for three years. The Becerra family has been growing peppers using no pesticides for 15 years. They chose the Quincy Valley of Washington State because of its fertile land and consistent weather. The family grows many kinds of peppers and other vegetables. The owners, Amado and Rosa offer a u-pick option. Pick peppers and other vegetables fresh from the farm to your table.

We use mango habanero, red scotch bonnet and ghost peppers from the Becerra Family Farm. Mango habanero is a perfect combination of sweet and spice. The red scotch bonnet has a sweet and fruity flavor. And of course the Ghost pepper brings the heat.

Guero y Maria sauces know that all natural and minimally processed peppers are important to you and your family. You can be sure that we hand pick the peppers ourselves to make the best hot sauce possible. The rich and vibrant colors of the sauce are the result of monitoring every step of the process.

You will find that the sauce enhances the flavor of your recipes because our sauce uses the fermentation process. This means we use no vinegar. The fermentation of the peppers takes about 30 days. You can be sure that this small batch sauce has been hand crafted with care.

And it all starts with the selection of the best peppers.

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