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"Unleash the Heat: Guero y Maria's Premium Peppers Crafted into the Ultimate Hot Sauce Experience"

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

At Guero y Maria, we're all about quality and flavor. That's why we source our peppers from the one and only Becerra Family Farm. For over three years, we've been working with the Becerra family, who have been growing the most delicious peppers in the Quincy Valley of Washington state, using only natural methods, for over 15 years. The fertile land and perfect weather conditions in Quincy Valley make it the perfect place to grow peppers.

But it's not just any peppers, it's the best of the best. The Becerra's farm offers a variety of peppers, including the sweet and spicy mango habanero, the fruity and fiery red scotch bonnet, and the mouth-numbing ghost pepper. And for those who want to experience farm-to-table, you can even pick your own peppers at the farm.

We at Guero y Maria take pride in our artisanal hot sauce, carefully hand-picking each pepper and monitoring every step of the process to create the perfect hot sauce. By using the fermentation process, we skip the vinegar and let the peppers ferment for 30 days, resulting in a rich and vibrant sauce that amplifies the flavor of your dishes. Trust us, once you've tried our sauce, you'll never go back to the store-bought stuff again.


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