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Explore top birria recipes crafted for food lovers by Güero & Maria. Our 16 oz birria marinade and bespoke birria spice blend from Quincy, WA, bring authentic Mexican flavors to your kitchen



 Our Story

Güero & Maria is the brainchild of Allen Ofir Dearie, a brand created in the summer of 2018. Allen, born in Tijuana, Mexico, has been in the Mexican food business since 2002 and played guitar in local indie bands in San Diego and Washington State. He met his wife, Cecilia Dearie, in Quincy, Washington. Cecilia is originally from Cocula, Jalisco, the birthplace of our birria recipes and many of our great Mexican food tastes. Together, they bring the vibrant flavors of Mexico to your table with authentic, handmade sauces and spice blends.


We craft our sauces with passion, bringing the flavors we cherish to the people you care about.

 The time we meet Smoking Ed Currie

We met Smoking Ed Currie at the Portland Hot Sauce Expo in August 2022, and he instantly made an impression on us. Known for creating the Carolina Reaper, Ed's reputation in the hot sauce world is huge, but his heart is even bigger. As we were struggling with our new tent, Ed came over, helped us set it up, and even brought our kids donuts and a big bag of reapers. It was a simple, kind gesture that meant a lot to us. After the event, he told us how proud our kids were of what we’re doing. Ed’s down-to-earth nature and genuine kindness are what make him truly special in the hot sauce community. We love humble people, and Ed is the epitome of that.

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